Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

On Air Parking is your choice to procure the lowest parking rates every time you travel at airports all across the country. Our competitive prices are the best you’ll find anywhere. At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), we guarantee you won’t be disappointed at the deals we offer for parking, no matter the length of your stay. Be sure to book your parking today to lock in these unprecedented rates. 

There are several parking options at SEA, from the Terminal Direct to Passport Parking and Pre-Booked Parking to General Parking. Do you need an ADA-designated parking space? Do you have an oversized vehicle? A motorcycle or an electric car? For ease of parking at SEA, all these options are available to meet your needs.

First, we have Terminal Direct parking, located on the fourth floor of the parking garage. Parking here guarantees direct access to the Main Terminal through the sky bridges, which connect the parking garage with the Terminal itself. This parking is available in both short-term and long-term parking and has the shortest distance from your car to the gate. Terminal direct parking rates are $6 per hour, $39 per day, and $273 per week.

Second, the Passport Parking program might be what you’re looking for if you find yourself regularly flying out of SEA. This service is available for $375 a month and is the most convenient way to get in and out of SEA for parking. This program is for frequent flyers and guarantees parking in Terminal Parking, directly across from the airport. This fee is a recurring fee billed to your credit card monthly, saving you time and allowing you the freedom to come and go as you please.

Third, we have Pre-Booked Parking, which is a brand-new program to SEA due to Covid-19. How does it work? Go to and choose your travel dates to secure your parking spot. These rates are up to 25% lower than the Terminal Direct parking at $37 daily and $222 weekly. With this parking option, there are no hourly rates.

Fourth, we have General Parking, which is where your ultimate savings shine! This parking is available on seven floors of the SEA garage, floors 1-3 and 5-8. General Parking is where all oversized vehicles may park, having a clearance of 6’10”. If your vehicle exceeds this height limit, you may park at the Over-Height Parking lot from the Airport Expressway. The Over-Height Parking lot is outdoors and within walking distance to the Terminal. Parking fees for the Over-Height Parking lot are the same as General Parking. 

All customers who need ADA parking may find their designated spaces on the fourth floor of the garage in Terminal Direct parking or on the fifth floor in General Parking. All parking rates apply for ADA parking. Cars must be correctly displaying disabled permit identification, either with a disabled placard or a special license plate.

All motorcycles have the same parking rates as cars and may park in all available parking spaces in either the Terminal Direct or General Parking lots.

SEA offers 48 parking spaces for electric vehicles if you’d like to charge your car while you’re on your trip. Charging is free for parking customers; however, you must provide a charging cord, as the airport provides none. Each stall is 12o Voltage and is marked by green striping as “Electric Car Charging Only.” In General Parking, 36 electric vehicle parking spaces are available in Rows D, G, and I, and in Terminal Direct, there are 12 spaces open in Row I.

If you plan an extended trip longer than 30 days, you must either pre-book your parking or contact SEA’s Public Parking Office to avoid your vehicle being towed as abandoned at your own expense. All cars in the lot for longer than 30 days must be registered with the garage.

Seattle Life

Seattle is famous for two things – the Space Needle and the Public Market Center. Both of these sites are well worth visiting if you’re in town. The Public Market Center is on the waterfront and filled with shops and restaurants to delight your pocketbook. Florists, fishmongers, and several shops with handmade items line this Market making it an exciting stop for souvenir shopping or fine dining. Hidden in the back of the Oriental Mart, an Asian grocery in the Market Center is a counter that serves fabulous Filipino salmon tamarind soup and other mouth-watering Asian dishes. This little unassuming counter has won the “America’s Classics Award” from the James Beard Foundation for 2020. You do not want to miss this fabulous food counter when you’re at the Market! 

If you want to visit Seattle’s number one attraction, look no further than the famed Space Needle. This impressive tower has a café and a lounge located at the top, where you can kick back and look out upon the city and the sparkling ocean beyond. Atmos Café has an espresso bar, beer, wine, doughnuts, cupcakes, and ice cream made by local artisans. The Loupe Lounge is a thrilling choice, as this lounge revolves around the Needle! Get a 360-degree view of Seattle as you taste offerings from the best food and spirits the Pacific Northwest has to offer. This lounge is only open Thursdays through Sundays for guests 21 years or older.

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