San Francisco International Airport Parking (SFO)

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The first of many parking options at SFO would be the Domestic Parking Garage. This garage is located directly in the airport center for the closest and most convenient parking to the Terminals. Quick access tunnels run to all the Terminals, making this garage the easiest option for flying out of SFO. This garage's rates are $2 for every 15 minutes, or $36 a day. This garage can accommodate vehicles up to 6'6" in height.

The next parking option is the International Parking Garages A and G. These lots are adjacent to the International Terminals, located to the north and the south of SFO. While the International Parking Garages A and G are closest to Terminals A and G, all Terminals can be accessed via these garages. Pedestrian walkways are available for the International Terminal and to access the Domestic Terminals, and there is a fast 10-minute ride on the AirTrain. The rates for these garages are $2 for every 15 minutes or $36 per day. These garages can accommodate vehicles up to 8'2" in height.

If you want to get in and out of SFO as fast as possible, you'll want to park in their ParkFAST lot, located in the Domestic Garage. This parking area has a dedicated entrance with 105 spaces for parking. This lot's rates are $2 for every 15 minutes, or $40 a day. This garage can accommodate vehicles up to 6'6" in height.

The Park VALET services at SFO are temporarily suspended until further notice.

However, if you want the lowest parking rate at SFO, you're going to want to park in the Long-Term Parking Lots. These rates are the best you'll find at $2 for every 15 minutes, or a mere $17 a day! There are two lots for Long-Term Parking. Garage 1 can accommodate vehicles up to 6'10" in height, while Garage 2 can accommodate vehicles up to 8'2" in height. Shuttle services are available to take you to and from the SFO Terminals.

For vehicles displaying a Disabled Person license plate, a Disabled Veteran license plate, or an accessible parking placard, there are accessible parking spaces conveniently located at all SFO's parking lots. For both the International and Domestic Parking Garages, these spaces are adjacent to the elevators. In Long-Term Parking, accessible parking spaces are available on the first floor for standard cars or vans. All shuttles at SFO are wheelchair accessible.

All oversized vehicles up to 8'2" can only be parked in the International Parking Garage or the Long-Term Parking Lots. If you need disabled parking with an oversized vehicle, you will need to park in these garages.

Charging stations for electric vehicles are located in Level 1, Section C, and F by the Domestic Garage's elevator cores, with 60 stalls available.

At the International Terminal Garage A, four electric stalls are located on Level 2, and 15 stalls are located on Level 7.

At the International Terminal Garage G, there are eight electric stalls on Level 1, 4 stalls on Level 3, and 13 stalls on Level 7.

For Long-Term Parking Garage 1, 6 electric stalls are on every floor from Level 2 through Level 6.

In Long-Term Parking Garage 2, there are 18 electric stalls per floor, from Level 2 through Level 6. There are also 24 stalls on Level 1.

Where to Stay in San Francisco

Several area hotels have complimentary shuttle service to and from SFO. These hotels include the Bay Landing Hotel, the Best Western El Rancho, the Comfort Suites, the Comfort Inn Airport Suites, the Doubletree, the Embassy Suites, the Holiday Inn, and many, many more. SFO provides the entire list of hotels that offer shuttles to the airport with all pertinent phone numbers available for booking your stay.

Where to Eat?

You're in luck! San Francisco is one of the five US cities to have restaurants that can boast the coveted three Michelin stars! One of the best would be the Restaurant at Meadowood. This fantastic establishment is by reservation only, and they offer a tasting menu and fine wine. They request jackets to be worn, but it is not required. Be prepared, and dressed, for a lovely experience.

 The French Laundry is another restaurant with three Michelin stars, with veal, duck, and tuna tartare offerings. They also serve Waldorf Salad as well as the fanciest macaroni and cheese you'll ever eat! Book your reservations in advance, as well as private dining and events.

If you prefer a James Beard finalist, look no further than Verjus, the James Beard Finalist for Best New Restaurant of 2020. This restaurant has a weekly changing menu, so you won't get a peek at the fare you will be offered. However, the atmosphere is casual and fun, which is sure to make for an exciting evening. Don't forget to book reservations! 

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