Pensacola International Airport (PNS)

On Air Parking is dedicated to bringing you the cheapest airport parking rates you won't find anywhere else. We have low parking prices at major airports all across the country, making us the low-price leader wherever you decide to travel. At the Pensacola International Airport (PNS), On Air Parking has found the parking rates you've been looking for. See for yourself and choose your best option.

The Parking Garage is your closest option to the terminal. Fees for this lot begin at $1 every 30 minutes or until the daily fee of $11 is reached. Every subsequent 24-hour period is $11.

The next lot available at PNS would be the Surface Lot located behind the Parking Garage. Fees to this lot begin at $2 per hour until the daily rate of $9 is reached. Every subsequent 24-hour period is $9.

There are two economy lots at PNS, Economy Lot 1 and Economy Lot 2. Both lots have the same fees, beginning at $2 per hour or until the daily fee of $8 is reached. Every subsequent 24-hour period is $8. Shuttle services to and from these lots are temporarily suspended until further notice. It is a 3-minute walk to the Terminal from Economy Lot 1 and a 5-minute walk to the terminal from Economy Lot 2.

Electric vehicle parking is available at two separate locations at PNS. Charging bays are available in the Parking Garage on the 2nd and 3rd levels and in Economy Lot 2. There is no fee for charging your car. However, all applicable parking fees apply, depending on your lot.

For disabled travelers, spaces are available in all parking lots at PNS. The Surface Lot has spaces in the North, West, and South end. The Parking Garage has spaces open from Levels 2 through 4. Economy Lot 1 has spaces at the front entrance, and Economy Lot 2 has spaces near 12th Ave. and College Blvd. All cars parked in disabled spaces must show a valid placard in the window. All parking rates apply.

There is no Valet Parking at PNS.

Prices at On Air Parking, however, are the best rates you'll find anywhere at PNS. We offer off-airport parking for a mere $5.50 a day, a lower rate than even the terminal's best rate. Once you book with us, the address of your parking lot will be emailed to you, and away you go! Our lots offer free shuttle services to and from the airport, and you may cancel at any time for any reason. On Air Parking is, hands down, your low-price leader for airport parking.

Where to Stay in Pensacola, Florida

Wondering where to stay while in Pensacola, Florida? We have a few fantastic options, all right near the airport! Not only are they convenient, but they're classy as well. Let's get started.

First up, we have the Hampton Inn Pensacola-Airport (Cordova Mall Area). This hotel is only 0.8 miles away from PNS and offers you free breakfast, free WiFi, and a complimentary shuttle that takes you to and from the airport. They have a fitness room and an outdoor pool. Pets are not allowed, however.

Next, we suggest the Homewood Suites by Hilton Pensacola Airport (Cordova Mall Area). This hotel is only 0.9 miles away from PNS, and its amenities include free WiFi and free breakfast as well, with a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. The Homewood Suites does not allow pets.

The Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport is our next recommendation. They are 0.6 miles from PNS, and their perks include free breakfast, free WiFi, an on-site restaurant, and welcomes your small pets, both cats and dogs.

Finally, the Hilton Garden Inn Pensacola Airport – Medical Center makes our list as well at 1.8 miles from PNS. They offer you free WiFi, a complimentary airport shuttle that takes you to and from the airport, a restaurant on-site. However, they do not allow pets.

Fine Dining in Pensacola, Florida

Wondering where to eat in Pensacola? We have a few recommendations for you. First, we highly suggest you dine at the Union Public House. Owned and operated by Michelin Star and James Beard-winning chef Blake Rushing, this unique eatery is Pensacola, Florida's pride and joy. Chef Blake has worked for the Gordon Ramsey company and owns several other restaurants and catering companies himself. However, these days he spends his time making the Union Public House the best restaurant. His menu includes Scotch eggs, fresh pork rinds, pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, sloppy joes, shrimp, tuna, steak, and more. You will not go away hungry, that's for sure.

Our next suggestion is Jackson's Steakhouse, headed by executive chef Irv Miller, who has prepared dinner at the James Beard House for five separate one-of-a-kind events. Chef Miller is a decorated chef featured in many Florida publications, such as Florida Trend, Florida Living, and the Chef's Corner column in the Pensacola News Journal. He's also been published in The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook 2014 and appeared on "Emeril's Florida" cooking show as well as "Flavors of the Coast," a cooking show on PBS. He's even written cookbooks. His menu includes beef tenderloin with lump crab, crab cakes, or beef tenderloin medallions and finishes off with crème brulee or a chocolate mousse. You'll not want to miss this!

On Air Parking is Your Choice for Airport Parking

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