Parking at Oakland International Airport (OAK)

On Air Parking is your partner in finding the best parking rates for you at major airports all across the country, including Oakland International Airport (OAK). Our low rates for parking coupled with no hassle to figure anything out makes not only for a stress-free vacation or business trip but a cheaper one as well. Come and see why we’re the low-price leader for parking at OAK.

Premier Parking at OAK is the closest to the terminals, making it the most convenient parking. However, it is not convenient in price. Rates for the Premier lot is $4 for every 30 minutes, with a 24-hour rate of $38. This lot does, however, have charging stations for electric vehicles. These stations are directly in front of Terminal 2. ADA parking is also available in this lot.

Hourly Parking at OAK begins at $1 every 12 minutes, or $5 an hour, with a 24-hour rate of $34. There is no flat fee for this lot, as prices are determined in 12-minute increments; therefore, you only pay for the length of time you park. ADA parking is available in this lot as well. For parking only a few minutes to a few hours, this is the lot you’ll likely need. It is also close to the terminals.

Daily Parking at OAK begins at $5 an hour, increasing to $10 for 2 hours. After 2 hours, you’ll be charged the full daily rate of $24. This lot is further away from the terminals with a 5 to 8-minute walk. If going on an overnight trip or even longer trips, this is the on-airport lot you’ll want. Daily Parking offers free charging for electric vehicles with stations located in section L6. ADA parking is available in this lot, as well as protected walkways to the terminals.

Economy Parking at OAK is temporarily closed until further notice.

Through On Air Parking at OAK, we are pleased to offer you the excellent parking rate of $4.99 per day! This is the lowest rate anywhere at or near the Oakland Airport. Once you book with us, you’ll receive an email within 10 minutes that includes the name and address of your parking lot. 

Complimentary shuttles will take you to and from OAK. No muss, no fuss! Our lot is 5 minutes away from the terminals by shuttle, with a new shuttle leaving every 5 to 10 minutes for your convenience. Make sure to leave a little early to give yourself time to travel between our lot and the terminals.

If you need to cancel your parking for whatever reason, no need to stress, we offer free cancellations at any time, with no questions asked. With On Air Parking, it is that simple.

Oakland Area Hotels

What are good hotels in the area for your stay in Oakland? We have a few suggestions. The Hilton Oakland Airport is our first recommendation, located just under 1 mile from OAK. This hotel has a free shuttle that runs to and from the airport and features a restaurant and a pool. This hotel is also pet friendly and has a fitness center.

Another local hotel is the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Oakland Airport. Free shuttles to and from OAK are offered here, as well as car rental services directly on-site. This hotel also has a restaurant as well as an outdoor pool. The Econo Lodge also offers continental breakfast.

Home2 Suites by Hilton Alameda Oakland Airport is another option, which also offers free shuttle services to and from OAK. This hotel is 1.2 miles from the airport and offers an American breakfast. Home2 Suites is pet friendly as well. All pertinent links to hotels are located below.

Oakland Fine Dining

If you’re hungry, we have a couple of suggestions for excellent restaurants in Oakland. James Syhabout of the restaurant Commis earned himself a James Beard 2020 Semi-Finalist nomination for Best Chef: California with offerings such as country pork rillette, roasted lamb loin caviar. Commis has an excellent pedigree as far as awards go, earning 2 Michelin stars for four consecutive years in a row, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Esquire Magazine also named them One of the Best Bars in America 2019! If you’re looking for excellent food in Oakland, you do not want to miss Commis!

For something a little different, you might try Barcote, which serves delicious Ethiopian cuisine. This restaurant is on the Michelin Plate list for good cooking in Oakland. This restaurant offers dishes such as spiced minced beef in clarified butter, lentils in a berbere sauce, cabbage, potato, and carrot stew with turmeric; this menu does not lack flavor!

For the James Beard 2020 Semi-Finalist for Outstanding Wine, Spirits, or Beer Producer, look no further than Den Sake Brewery. This brewery boasts of being the first sake brewery in Oakland. They also handcraft their small-batch sake from locally grown Cal-Hikari rice. Owner Yoshihiro Sako is passionate about his sake and only brews the best in the bay area. All pertinent links to restaurants are located below.

Choose On Air Parking

Regardless if you’re in Oakland for business or pleasure, a day trip, or a two-week vacation, On Air Parking is your obvious pick for convenient and affordable parking at OAK and other major airports throughout America. We take airport parking seriously. Book with us today, and you’ll thank yourself, not only for keeping your sanity intact but your wallet as well. No matter where, when, or why you decide to travel, On Air Parking is the straightforward and trouble-free choice for easy and affordable parking.


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