Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB)

On Air Parking is dedicated to bringing you cheap airport parking that won’t cause any unnecessary headache or stress and will definitely not break the bank. We can be found at major airports all around the country, and service at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB) is no exception. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be gone for a few days or a few weeks, vacation or business, let On Air Parking find you the greatest off-airport parking deals for your next trip. Let’s break down the parking fees at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

At LBB, there are three options for parking, Short Term Terminal Parking, the closest uncovered parking to the terminal, Long Term Terminal Parking, uncovered and also close to the terminal, and the Parking Garage, covered parking close to the terminal. A fourth lot, the Airport Shelter Park, is closed until further notice. Pricing for all other lots are as follows.

Short Term Terminal Parking

First 30 mins FREE
Up to 1 hour $2.00
2 hours $4.00
3 hours $5.00
4 hours $7.00
5 hours $8.00
24 hours $12.00

Long Term Terminal Parking

First 30 mins FREE
Up to 2 hours $2.00
3 hours $3.00
5 hours $5.00
24 hours $7.00

Parking Garage 

First 30 mins FREE
31 mins to 24 hours $9.00

Disabled parking is available in all lots and all parking lot fees apply. There is no valet parking at LBB. There are no electric vehicle charging bays at LBB.

Prices at On Air Parking, however, are the best rates you’ll get at LBB. We offer off-airport parking for a mere $5.75 a day! Once you book with us, the address of your parking lot will be emailed with you and away you go! Our lots offer free shuttle services to and from the airport, and you may cancel at any time for any reason. On Air Parking is, hands down, your low-price leader for airport parking.

Where to Stay Near LBB

If you’ve just flown into town and don’t know where to stay, we have a few cheap, classy, and convenient options near LBB that won’t break the bank. Let’s take a look at what the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport has in store for hotels near the concourse. 

First, we recommend the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lubbock Central at 5 miles from LBB. This hotel offers a free full breakfast, which gives your choice of a breakfast buffet or a continental breakfast. They also provide free WiFi as well as an outdoor pool.

Second, we suggest the Overton Hotel and Conference Center at 5.3 miles from LBB. The Overton is known in Lubbock for its fine detail for luxury. This hotel offers free breakfast at the Pecan Grill, which is their on-site restaurant, and a fitness room as well.

Next, the Pioneer Pocket Hotel is an excellent choice at 5.2 miles from LBB. This hotel offers completely contactless booking and does not feature a front desk. Booking and check-in must be done online. You’ll enjoy free WiFi and spacious and modern rooms and suites.

Finally, the Cotton Court Hotel might just be what you’re looking for at 5.2 miles from LBB. This hotel offers free WiFi, outdoor firepits, room service, and an on-site restaurant and bar. The Cotton Court Hotel is pet friendly, so be sure to bring your furry family!

Fine Dining in Lubbock, Texas

If you’re hungry but don’t know where to eat, we have a few restaurants in mind that might whet the old appetite. Let’s dive in and see what exciting foods await near Lubbock, Texas.

If you’re looking for one of the best steakhouses in Texas, look no further than Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse. This restaurant boasts it is the “ultimate dining experience” with offerings on their menu such as filet mignon, ribeye, New York strip, Prime New York strip, and Prime ribeye. They also have lobster tail, and Oscar style, as well as sauces such as Hollandaise and white truffle cream. Beef Wellington is also available, as well as prime rib with creamed horseradish. Delicious and classy, Las Brisas is the place to be if steak is what you’re hungry for.

With a modern ambiance and fantastic food, you won’t find a better restaurant than The West Table for upscale dining. Their menu changes daily, so your eating experience will vary depending on when you decide to go. However, you might look forward to examples such as NOLA shrimp, crab hushpuppies, General Cho’s wings, charbroiled beef tenderloin, pan roasted chicken, grilled double bone-in pork chop, pan seared ribeye, and so much more. There is no lack of flavor at The West Table and is one of the finest five-star restaurants in Lubbock. Be sure to give them a try the next time you’re in town. 

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