Lihue Airport (LIH)

On Air Parking is dedicated to bringing you cheap airport parking that won’t cause any unnecessary headache or stress and will definitely not break the bank. We can be found at major airports all around the country, and service at Lihue Airport (LIH) is no exception. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be gone for a few days or a few weeks, vacation or business, let On Air Parking find you the greatest off-airport parking deals for your next trip. Let’s break down the parking fees at the Lihue Airport.

At LIH, there is one parking lot available for airport parking. Prices accrue as follows.

First 15 minutes Free
First 30 minutes $1.00
One hour $2.00
Two hours $2.00
Three hours $2.00
Four hours $2.00
Five hours $4.00
Six hours $2.00
Daily Max $15.00

Accessible parking is available for those with a clearly displayed disabled placard in the window or a government-issued license plate. These spaces are located conveniently near crosswalks. All pertinent parking fees apply.

There is no valet parking at LIH. Electric vehicle parking is available in the main public parking lot which accommodates two vehicles at a time. The fee for charging your vehicle is $7.00 for a 24-hour period.

There is also a cell phone waiting lot used for dropping off or picking up passengers that is absolutely free.

Prices at On Air Parking, however, are the best rates you’ll get at LIH. We offer off-airport parking for a mere $4.00 a day! Once you book with us, the address of your parking lot will be emailed to you and away you go! Our lots offer free shuttle services to and from the airport, and you may cancel at any time for any reason. On Air Parking is, hands down, your low-price leader for airport parking. 

Where to Stay Near LIH

If you’ve just flown into town and don’t know where to stay, we have a few cheap, classy, and convenient options near LIH that won’t break the bank. Let’s take a look at what the Lihue Airport has in store for hotels near the concourse.

First, we recommend Marriott’s Kauai Lagoons at 1.1 miles from LIH. This hotel offers free high-speed Internet as well as a kitchen in every room. You might also enjoy their outdoor two-level pool, as well as their whirlpool and fitness center.

Second, we suggest Marriott’s Kaua’i Beach Club at 1.1 miles from LIH. This hotel offers a free shuttle that takes you to and from the airport. They also offer a full-service spa as well as a fitness center and a pool. Room service is also available.

Next, the Banyon Harbor Resort is another excellent choice at 1.4 miles from LIH. This resort offers high-speed WiFi as well as business class WiFi. Each condo is equipped with an in-room washer and dryer as well as a full kitchen. You might also enjoy their heated saltwater pool. 

Finally, the Timbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences might just be what you’re looking for at 1.4 miles from LIH. This resort is built with luxury in mind. An on-site restaurant is sure to tickle your taste buds and they even offer in-residence dining where the food comes to you. Each residence is exactly that, your own personal apartment on the island with three to four rooms each. Come and experience Lihue like never before!

Where to Eat Near LIH

If you’re hungry but don’t know where to eat, we have a few restaurants in mind that might whet the old appetite. Let’s dive in and see what exciting foods awaits near Lihue, Hawaii.

The first restaurant we recommend is Hualani’s Restaurant within the Timbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences resort. This eatery is pure class with a fabulous view of Hawaii’s ocean paradise. Their menu consists of seasonal delights, depending on what’s en vogue or available from the farm and the sea. They offer delightful dishes such as the daily catch, to the best burger you’ve ever had. Cocktails also flow from Hualani’s, which means you’ll have an amazing time sipping drinks and listening to the waves crashing only yards away. If you’re looking to relax is splendor while delighting your palate at the same time, look no further than Hualani’s.

We also recommend Duke’s Kauai, a local favorite that offers up glorious Hawaiian comfort food. Their menu consists of Panko-crusted calamari, crab wontons, Korean sticky ribs, crispy coconut shrimp, roasted Tristan lobster, Furikake Ahi steak, slow-roasted prime rib, filet mignon, mascarpone ravioli, cheeseburgers, and a fantastic salad bar. Other offerings include mac & cheese, teriyaki chicken, and fresh fish and chips. With a more Hawaiian down-home feel, this restaurant’s goal is to get you fed and to keep you happy. They succeed on both fronts. Come on down to Duke’s if you’re ever in Lihue.

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Lihue Airport (LIH)


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Banyon Harbor Resort

Timbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences


Hualani’s Restaurant

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