Dulles International Airport Parking (IAD)

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Covid-19 has made the world a different place, and parking options at Dulles International Airport have temporarily changed. Valet Parking, Parking Garage 2, and the Economic Lot at IAD are closed to encourage social distancing during the pandemic. However, parking options are available at the Terminal Lot, as well as Parking Garage 1.

The Terminal Lot is your choice for the most convenient parking option, located just outside of the Terminal itself. This lot has temporary prices of $6 per hour or $20 per day. IAD has implemented a new Ticketless Entry Option for all parking lots. Guests may now use any major credit card to check-in, as long as they use the same credit card to check out upon exiting the lot. This minimizes tickets changing hands. However, tickets are still available should you need one. Simply touch the green button on the ticket machine for a printed ticket and pay a cashier upon leaving.

There are two access points to the Walkway in the Terminal Lot for guests who wish to enter the Terminal via the underground Pedestrian Walkway.

Along with the Terminal Lot, Parking Garage 1 is open at IAD as well. This garage also has temporary parking rates due to Covid-19. While these rates are only temporary, they are the best deal you will find for parking at Dulles International Airport, as they have lowered the rates to be the same great pricing as the Economy Lot. These rates are an unbelievable $5 per hour and $9 per day!

Parking Garage 1 also has an automated space counting system, which alerts drivers on each level to the number of open and available parking spaces. This garage sports moving sidewalks that take guests to the underground Pedestrian Walkway leads directly into the Terminal. Alternately, shuttles are accessible from Curb 2F to take guests to and from the Terminal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking Garage 1 also has call boxes located at the red columns on every level, next to the elevators.

If you have an electric vehicle, Parking Garage 1 has five designated parking spaces with five available units (208/240V) to charge your car on Level 3 Row H.  

Disabled parking is available both at the Terminal Lot and also Parking Garage 1. This parking has designated spots for those vehicles which display a placard or have a government-issued plate for the disabled. In the Terminal Lot, you can find these parking spots closest to the Terminal, in Rows 2 through 30. In Parking Garage 1, these spots are close to the shuttle stop and the walkway into the Terminal, in Rows L and N on Level 1. Every shuttle to the airport is free of charge and fully wheelchair accessible. 

One of the perks of parking in the Terminal Lot and Parking Garage 1 is that there is no minimum or maximum number of parking days. However, if your trip will exceed 45 days, you will need to speak with the parking office to register your car to avoid it from being towed as ‘abandoned’ at your own expense. 

If you regularly park at Dulles International Airport, a Dulles FlexPark card might be what you need. It provides ease of entering and leaving the parking lots, and all payments are made online. Depending on your needs, the Dulles FlexPark card comes in three different membership levels: the FlexPark, the FlexPark Plus, and the FlexPark Platinum.

Park, Stay and Fly

Several hotels around IAD offer packages called Park, Stay and Fly. These hotels offer complimentary shuttle services to the airport while you leave your car parked in their lot. Each hotel has its own rates, so be sure to contact their offices to see if one of these packages is for you. These hotels, just to name a few, are the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport, located 3.3 miles away from IAD, the Comfort Inn & Suites at 3.8 miles away, the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport 4.5 miles away, and the Hyatt Regency Dulles Airport at 4.3 miles away. 

Fine Dining and More at IAD

Hungry for excellent food? Look no further than IAD’s own concourse. Dulles International Airport boasts “Iron Chef” winner Michael Symon and his brand-new Bar Symon restaurant. Symon is a world-famous chef and a regular on ABC’s “The Chew,” for which he and his cohosts won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host. Symon is also a James Beard winner for “Best Chef Great Lakes” of 2009. After being disappointed in mediocre airport food, Symon decided to open an IAD restaurant specializing in burgers, fries, salads, and sandwiches. His signature dish is a mouthwatering burger known as the “Lola Burger.” This fantastic burger layers a fried egg, bacon, cheddar, pickled onions, and Pat LaFrieda beef on a delicious challah bun. If you’re lucky, you might see Symon himself hanging out on the concourse, and perhaps you might persuade him to sign one of his several cookbooks for you!

IAD also offers several fast food options, as well as coffee shops and souvenir shops. Near Gate B43, you can kick back at the Turkish Lounge; near Gate C19, you might enjoy the American Tap Room. At IAD, there is something for everyone!

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