Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Parking (DFW) 

Whether flying for work or leisure, let On Air Parking find the lowest parking rates near Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and take one less stress off your mind. DFW is a central hub of airline travel in the country, and even thinking about parking at this airport can be daunting. 

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There are five Terminals located at DFW, Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. Terminal parking is highly convenient, and the closest parking to your gate. For fast entry and exit that is fully automated, toll tags are available. Pre-paid parking is also available to make your life even easier. Terminal Parking accepts cash and all major credit cards.

Daily rates are as follows:

The first 8 minutes - $6
8 minutes to 30 minutes - $2
30 minutes to 2 hours - $3
2 hours to 4 hours - $9
4 hours to 6 hours - $10
6 hours to 24 hours -$24

All parking at DFW is limited to 90 days. Vehicles left at the airport longer than 90 days will be towed as abandoned at the owner's expense. If you own an electric car, charging stations are available in Terminals A, D, and E in the garages' one-hour parking and valet areas.

If you'd like to take advantage of DFW's 24-hour valet parking, you can find valet parking in one location for each Terminal at the one-hour parking areas of each garage. These are located at Level A20, B30, C21, and E17. Valet parking is available at Terminal D at the curbside at D30 on the departures level.

Another parking option is Express Parking. Express South is closed with no plans to reopen; however, Express North is open. Shuttles are available to take you from the lot to your desired Terminal. Just as with Terminal Parking, toll tags are perfect for simple, automated entry and exit into the Express North Parking. This parking accepts cash and all major credit cards.

Just as in Terminal Parking, Express North does not allow cars to be parked for longer than 90 days, or they will be towed off-property at the owner's expense.

DFW has two other parking lots, Remote North and Remote South; however, both of these lots are closed until further notice.

If you are merely picking up travelers, there are two cell phone lots for those who wish to park and wait, the North Cell Phone Lot with 53 parking spaces and the South Cell Phone Lot with 60 parking spaces. 

These parking lots are complimentary parking for approximately two hours; however, your car must remain attended to at all times. There is no cost to wait temporarily with your vehicle in the cell phone lot.

Hotels at DFW 

Are you looking to stay at on-airport hotels? There are several to choose from. The Grand Hyatt DFW is located in Terminal D. The airport has a complimentary train known as Skylink that will take you directly to the Grand Hyatt, or you can take Terminal Link, the shuttle bus.

The Hyatt Regency is another excellent choice, located adjacent to Terminal C. The airport's complimentary shuttle will take you to this hotel. With a one-night stay, they offer your selection of a three- or seven-nights parking package through their Park-Stay-Fly program.

Hyatt Place is another hotel at DFW, located at the airport's South Entrance within the Southgate Plaza. This hotel is brand new and is near all DFW Terminals and the car rental center.

Fine Dining in Dallas and Fort Worth 

Nominated as a Semi-Finalist for Best New Restaurant from the James Beard Foundation for 2020 is Salaryman, a restaurant known for delicious Japanese cuisine. If you're hungry for ramen bowls or bento boxes, this the place you want to be.

Bria Downey was nominated by the James Beard Foundation for Rising Star Chef of the Year for 2020 at a restaurant known as Clay Pigeon. This eatery's menu is full of delicious offerings, from pan-roasted chicken to housemade pasta and from smoked salmon crostini to burgers. This restaurant has it all.

The James Beard Foundation also named Molly McCook as the Best Chef: Texas for 2020 at her establishment called Ellerbe Fine Foods. This restaurant's claim to fame is its farm-to-table cuisine. They utilize only the best local products to bring you the finest fare in Fort Worth. Pork ribs, salmon, and grilled steak are just some of the delectable highlights.

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